indigestion Digestive Disorders

The gastrointestinal system is paramount for absorbing and assimilating nutrients and forms the very core of our bodies. Many common complaints that result in disease actually take root in the GI system initially. Several patients suffering from digestive disorders such as indigestion, constipation, bloating, heartburn, acid reflux, abdominal cramping and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) tend to use approaches that only mask the problem and do not resolve the underlying health issues. Certain pharmaceutical agents also have serious side effects.

The GI tract is a complex organ system comprising microflora, friendly bacteria and digestive enzymes which are critical for optimal digestion, nutrient absorption and immune function. The digestive system is also intimately linked to the liver and its detoxification function.

Addressing digestive disorders is paramount to maintain good health. Several diseases such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, hormonal imbalances and even weight gain are linked to poor digestive health.

Naturopathic doctor Faryal Luhar customizes treatment plans with various naturopathic medicines and dietary approaches aimed at optimizing digestion and resolving chronic complaints.