What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine is a distinct primary health care profession that emphasizes prevention and optimal health with the use of natural, treatments and therapeutic methods. The individual is treated as a "whole" by addressing physical, emotional, mental, psychological, environmental, social, spiritual and genetic factors that encompass each person's uniqueness. As such, it does not merely treat symptoms alone and rather focuses on the root cause of dis-ease or illness.

6 principles NatMed2Naturopathic doctors encourage each individual's inherent self-healing capacity to restore and maintain optimal health. They combine the wisdom of nature with the tenacity of modern science and utilize protocols that are innovative, safe and effective. Naturopathic principles and practices are steeped in traditional healing methods that include the following diagnostic and therapeutic modalities: clinical and laboratory diagnostic testing, nutritional and dietary medicine, botanical medicine (plants), traditional chinese medicine and acupuncture, homeopathic combination treatments, intravenous and injection therapy (Canada), hydrotherapy, physical therapies and lifestyle counselling. 

Naturopathic doctors remove barriers to good health and stimulate and support functions in the body to regain a healing internal and external environment.

The underpinnings of naturopathic medical practice are in six principles:

  1. First Do No Harm - primum non nocere
  2. The Healing Power of Nature - vis medicatrix naturae
  3. Discover and Treat the Cause, Not Just the Effect - tolle causam
  4. Treat the Whole Person - tolle totum
  5. The Physician is a Teacher - docere
  6. Prevention is the best "cure" - praevenire   

Naturopathic Medicine with Dr. Faryal Luhar, ND

Dr. Luhar treats all medical conditions and provides both individual and family health care. Among the most common ailments treated are: 

Dr Faryal services

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure & High Cholesterol
  • Chronic Pain Syndromes such as Arthritis, Gout and Migraines
  • Hormonal Imbalances and Obesity
  • Women's Health Problems such as Menopause, Infertility, Menstrual disorders and pain, Ovarian cysts
  • Cancer prevention and management
  • Stress and Fatigue
  • Anxiety, Insomnia and Depression
  • Respiratory Conditions and Boosting Immune function (Colds, Flu, Bronchitis, Allergies) 
  • Digestive Disorders                                                                                                                                                                                                            

The initial appointment which will last approximately 90 minutes, will consist of an in-depth intake including medical history, personal and family history, and chief health concerns, as well as a review of systems. Dr. Luhar reviews the diet, medicines in current use, and will conduct a physical exam if necessary. Laboratory tests are also ordered and analyzed in order to determine a comprehensive diagnosis and customized treatment protocol that combines various naturopathic modalities.